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checaz-zo … thanks babe… been making great use of my time… just been writing drafts… :)

i think it turned out okay…

checaz-zo … thanks babe… been making great use of my time… just been writing drafts… :)

i think it turned out okay…

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if selena ever follows justin on instagram or posts a pic with him thats how you know shit is getting serious and there’s no going back

Selena said that if she dates again she wants it to be much more private than before so don’t expect any of that stuff from her tbh. Just because she isn’t showing it to the whole world doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. It means she’s being more conscious of her choices and what to put in the public eye now than before.

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Girl on TV

***hi guys, with all my free time, I was able to come up with a new fic… i’d really appreciate some feedback please.. if i should continue this one or just focus on city of angels 😄

always grateful for the support.. thank you!!!

—- pamcakes

Ch 1


My alarm clock beeps loudly, disturbing my peaceful sleep. Groaning from annoyance, I sit up to reach for it and hit snooze.

Seven am. Why did I set it to go off this early? I tried to remember but my mind’s still a bit fuzzy, my brain not fully awake yet. Coffee. Yup. It’s definitely what I need.

Grudgingly, I stood up from the bed, put on a plain white shirt I found on the floor and the first pair of pants I could get my hands to and headed to the kitchen. I didn’t even bother with my hair. Sexily messed up hair is in.

I push the swinging doors, letting out a loud yawn. As soon as I enter the room, something stops me on my tracks.

Someone’s cute butt is sticking out from my fridge. Wow, what a way to start my day. If this is what I’d always be waking up to, I’d start being a morning person. I let out a low whistle and my gaze wandered from the perfectly round cheeks covered in mint green short shorts to the long, creamy, flawless legs connected to it. I was totally admiring the view until I realized who owned the body parts I was ogling.

"Aaaaayyyy Pickles, what the hell?!?"

My bestfriend, Selena Gomez, yeah the celebrity, is now staying here, in my house, with me and my family. Apparently, she wants to try to live a normal life for awhile before her life gets too hectic again.

She yelps in surprise and turns toward me with one hand on her chest, giving me full view of her banging body. My eyes took her in from head to toe. Her sleep wear left little to the imagination, making me gulp audibly.

"Oh my gosh Jay!!! You scared me!" she turns back to the fridge with a huff and takes out a carton of skim milk, setting it on the island before searching the cabinets for a glass. "I see you’re still grumpy in the mornings huh?"

I watch her for a minute, enjoying the sight of her struggling to reach the top cabinets where we keep the glassware. Her top rode up, revealing more of her creamy skin.

Telling myself that admiring my best friend is not something to feel guilty about, I prepared myself for a few more seconds of staring at her immaculately shaped body. But I was interrupted as she chooses that moment to look my way and raise her sculpted eyebrows at me. “A little help here?”

Damn. I walk towards her and easily reach for a glass, offering it to her with a smile before sitting on a stool and leaning forward, with my chin resting on my arms folded in front of me. “What do you mean still grumpy in the mornings? I was only like that back then coz your idea of the perfect way to wake me up is to jump on my bed until I’m out of it. You try waking up like that, thinking every morning there was an earthquake.”

She sits on the stool opposite me and sticks her tongue out.

I chuckle at her childish reply and watch her drink her milk. She offers me a glass and I shake my head. I was going to ask for some coffee when the phone starts to ring and I remember that my guy best friends, Ryan and Fredo, are coming over to meet her this morning, which is why I had to get up early.

Letting the phone go to voice mail, I stand up and take her hand, pulling her from her seat. “Go upstairs and wear some real clothes.”

She looks down at her choice of clothing then back at me with a confused expression. “Real clothes? These are real Jay. Do they look imaginary to you? They’re a part of my new DOL collection.” She lets go of my hand. “They’re so soft. Look.” She lifts the hem of her top, giving me more of a glimpse of her toned abs and tries to get me to touch the fabric. “See?”

Hesitantly, just to appease her, I do what she wants and nod. “Ugh, yeah, so soft.” I say, more focused on her skin rather than the top she’s wearing. I gulp. “They look great on you. No. They look perfect on you, which is why you have to change. My friends are on their way here. I dont want them gawking at you. Not that they wouldn’t do that if you wore something else. You look perfect in everything. But at least you wouldn’t be showing them more skin than necessary.” I realize I was babbling and immediately stop.

"Awww, Bieber’s getting all protective on me." She starts pinching both of my cheeks, making them red. "Cute."

It’s always been a struggle for me to make her see me in a different light. I’ve always been cute to her and it annoyed me to no end. “Cute? Swaggy, maybe. Hot. Sexy. But not cute. Never cute.” I say, gently taking her hands in mine, away from my poor cheeks.

Rolling her gorgeous golden orbs at me, she pouts but agrees. “Fine. I’m gonna head upstairs to change. But I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. You better be ready with my blueberry pancakes by the time I get back.” Switching on her charm, she bats her long, brown lashes at me, which is quite the overkill. I would’ve done anything she asks.

I nod and let go of her hands. She gives me a peck on the cheek, “Thank you, Jay.” and pushes through the swinging doors, with my eyes locked on her every move.

With her gone, I realize that I was holding my breath. I let it out fast and inhale deeply. A big grin begins to form on my face, “This is going to be one heck of a year.”

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you all are calling justin cute for wearing a scarf but i just can’t stop thinking that he’s probably wearing it cause ms. sel probably sucked the shit out of his neck

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